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reeCAD 0.20: using the basics of Sketch and PartDesign workbench to draw simple solid



FreeCAD for Beginners

FreeCAD Ver0.19~0.20 , English

# 1~10 11~20 21~30 31~40
1 Download to First Model Improve Your Modeling Creating a complex assembly Sketcher Constraints Explained
2 Sketching and Constraints Using a shape binder and shape string Complex Assembly Pt2 Fully parametric CNC Electronics Enclosure Pt1/3
3 Offset Sketches and Datum Planes avoiding the Sketcher "Pretzel" Complex Assembly Pt 3 Fully Parametric CNC Electronics Enclosure Pt2
4 Modeling Revolves Using a master sketch Parametric Model Retention Clip Fully Parametric CNC Electronics Enclosure Pt3
5 Lofts and Sweeps Managing Multi-Part Models Pt 1. Tips and Q&A Part 1 Curtain Rod Holder - Design demonstration
6 Golf Ball Marker project Managing Multi-Part Models Pt2 Tips Q&A Pt 2 Boxes and Transforms
7 Spreadsheet Driven Fully Parametric Table Creating the assembly with Assembly4 workbench Tech Draw Sketcher Update in V0.20 You won't believe this!(Ver0.20)
8 Boolean Operations Assembly3 workbench Part Workbench Model to Part Design Workbench
9 Linear and Polar Patterns with Path Arrays Animating FreeCAD models in Blender Creating A Housing
10 Creating a complex model Animating FreeCAD files in Blender Simple Parametric Assembly